Good Fortune • Health • Happiness 


The Hamsa Hand Keyring with your favourite Crystal, carry good fortune, health & happiness along with your Crystal vibe. 


Choose from 9 beautiful crystal pendants: 


  • White Howlite - Calming, Patients, Awareness.
  • Turquoise - Protection, Purpose, Healing.
  • Pink Agate - Security, Balance, Confidence. 
  • Opal - Creativity, Connection, Loyalty. 
  • Tigers Eye - Strength, Protection, Determination. 
  • Zebra Jasper - Calming, Soothing, Optimism. 
  • Goldstone - Motivation, Drive, Positive Attitude. 
  • Blue Goldstone - Uplifting, Deflects Negativity, Abundance. 
  • Sodalite - Awakwning, Clarity, Intuition.


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